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Dear ASP Members,

Welcome to the ASP Certification Program.  ASP is the only global strategy association with a certification program. The purpose of our program is to establish a high-level of quality and consistency within the fields of strategic planning and management so that strategic planners and those responsible for developing and deploying strategy can assist organizations in meeting and exceeding the challenges of the 21st century.  The Program is based on the ASP Standards, Competencies and Body of Knowledge Framework (BOK Framework) which was developed by leaders in the field of strategic planning and management to guide the certification of strategy professionals in the United States as well as internationally.

ASP offers two certifications, the Level I Strategic Planning Professional (SPP) and the Level II Strategic Management Professional (SMP), and a designation, the Strategic Planning Associate (SPA).  ASP members as well as non-members are eligible to apply for Certification. The Association also qualifies Registered Educational Providers (REPs) to offer courses and programs in strategic planning and management that align with ASP’s BOK Framework, including but not limited to courses to prepare individuals for passing the certification exams.


If you are a Member of ASP, you can download this book FREE. Non members can purchase for $49.95



(updated November 2011)

As of Nov. 2011, a revised ASP Certification Qualifying Application and new ASP Certification Handbook, Second Edition are available for download. Each document has important new information about procedures for applying for an ASP Certification credential and taking the Certification Exam, as well as recommendations and resources for Exam Preparation. See also the updated Summary of Important Administrative Information For ASP Certification (also Appendix III in the new Handbook).



Credential Title SMP: Strategic Management Professional Level II SPP: Strategic Planning Professional Level I SPA: Strategic Planning Associate
  • Works with C-Level Executives and their Teams
  • Works with Executives, Managers, and their Teams
  • Student, Apprentice, or New to Strategic Planning
  • 5 years (minimum) as an experienced internal Executive or external Consultant leading multiple Strategic Planning assignments
  • College Graduate or 10 years work experience
  • Holds SPP credential or meets all of its requirements
  • 2 years (minimum) in an internal planning role or as a junior external planning consultant
  • College Graduate or 5 years work experience in strategic planning or related field
  • Meet ASP criteria for Student membership4
  • Has a senior planning professional mentor, preferably ASP certified
  • No prior experience in Planning nor demonstration of Business Acumen
  • Agree to apply for SPP within 3 years
Application Process:
Steps to Obtaining
  • Submit ASP Qualifying Application and pay Application Fee
  • Upon qualification, submit PTC Test Center Application and pay Exam Fee
  • Take and pass Exam Level II for SMP.

Note: ASP Pioneers were Exam Exempt as they created the Exam Questions.
  • Submit ASP Qualifying Application and pay Application Fee
  • Upon qualification, submit PTC1 Test Center Application and pay Exam Fee
  • Take and pass Exam Level I for SPP
  • Submit ASP Qualifying Application
  • Pay Application Fee
Exam Information:
Exam administered
for ASP by PTC 1
  • 3 hours and 160 questions
  • SMP Exam covers Level II
    in ASP BOK Framework
  • 3 hours and 160 questions
  • SMP Exam covers Level I
    in ASP BOK Framework
  • No Exam Required
Application Fee
Candidate Exam Fee $450             $450
No Exam Required.
Requirements 2
  • Every five years

  • Submit 100 Contact Hours2
  • Provide 10 potential SMP Exam Questions on Level II competencies
  • Every three years
  • Submit 50 Contact Hours2
  • Provide 10 potential SPP Exam Questions on Level I competencies
  • Credential good for up to two (2) years
  • No Recertification

1 ASP contracts with Professional Testing Corporation (PTC), an independent third party testing
   service. www.ptcny.com .
2 Recertification requirements and fees are currently under review and may be revised as of 2012.
3 Contact Hours Calculation: 1 CEU = 10 contact hours.
   ASP REPs hours are double credit (5 REP contact hours = 1 CEU).
   ASP REPs (i.e. Registered Educational Providers) are independent vendors qualified by ASP to
   teach its Body of Knowledge.
4 For student membership criteria, see ASP Student Discount Policy on the ASP Membership/Application webpage.


Fee Structure (payable only in USD) For ASP Members For ASP Non-Members
Qualifying Application Fee (Non-Refundable):
For SPA, SPP and SMP credentials
See group discount below for Corporate Members Only
Fees must be paid prior to commencement of review activity
$175 $275
Candidate Exam Fee:
For SPP and SMP credentials
To be paid ONLY after Qualifying Application is approved
Fees must be paid in order to receive exam admission confirmation
$600- (International Candidates outside of North America)
$750-(International Candidates outside of North America)
Retake Exam Fee: $300
$400 (International Candidates outside of North America)
$650 (International Candidates outside of North America)
Candidate Exam Fee Group Discount:
May only be applied when a minimum of four candidates register in one batch*
Volume discount for exam applications submitted for the same exam cycle and paid from a single billing,
For 4-7 $ 75 off each exam fee.
For 8-14 $100 off each exam fee
For 15+, $125 off each exam fee
Recertification Fee for SMP and SPP: $200 $300
Recertification Fee for Retirees $50 + meeting the professional involvement criteria in the Certification guidelines.

  *Must contact the Executive Director at executivedirector@strategyassociation.org for this rate.

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