Testing Center Locations
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Testing Center Locations

To find the nearest Testing Center,go to http://www.ptcny.com/cbt/sites.htm.

While anyone may look for possible Test Center locations at any time, Candidates CANNOT request a specific site location without the Eligibility Number given on the PTC Eligibility Notice. This notice is only sent to Candidate after the Test Center Application is processed by ASP and then PTC. Candidates should allow up to TEN days from date of submitting PTC Test Center Application and paying Exam fee before initiating a follow-up inquiry about the receipt of Eligibility Notice;however Eligibility Notices are not sent until SIX weeks before the beginning of the testing period.

For International and Special Needs Applicants
Deadlines for applications requesting a non-US or Canada testing location or special accommodations are due no less than four weeks before standard deadlines. Therefore, ASP Qualifying Applications must be submitted no less than twelve weeks before the requested testing period and the Test Center Applications submitted no less than eight weeks before the requested testing period.

Special Requests

International Test Centers (for Non-US/Canada locations):

It may be possible to establish a special testing center to take a paper and pencil examination in an Exam Candidate’s own country for a surcharge of $100 - $150 USD to cover administrative costs. A written request must accompany the PTC Testing Center Application and specify preferred city and country. International Exam Candidates requesting a non-US or Canada testing location must submit their PTC Test Center Application to ASP no less than EIGHT weeks before the testing period to provide the additional time necessary to set up an international location. An International Exam Candidate’s ASP Qualifying Application must therefore be submitted no less than TWELVE weeks before the testing period.

Special Needs Individuals:
Special Testing arrangement will be made for Candidates with special needs. With the Test Center Application, submit a completed and signed Request for Special Accommodation Form, available from www.ptcny.com or by contacting PTC at 212.356.0660.  Requests for special testing for individuals with special needs must be received
no less than EIGHT weeks before the testing period begins. A Special Need’s Applicant’s ASP Qualifying Application must therefore be submitted no less than TWELVE weeks before the testing period.  There
is no surcharge to request special test accommodations for special needs individuals.

Rescheduling Your Assigned Examination Appointment:
Once ASP forwards Test Center Application forms to Professional Testing Corporation, Candidates approved by ASP become formal PTC Candidates for the next upcoming testing period. PTC Candidates may reschedule to a different date within this two-week testing period, free of charge. However, to transfer to a different two-week testing period, Candidates must pay a transfer fee of $150. This fee is based on cost and is not punitive. There are no refunds of application or exam fees.
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f. 416.929.5256

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