Masterclass - Denise McNerney, Lynne Brown and Crystal Evans
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Getting to Results: Transforming Strategy into Execution 

“Congratulations, you have a strategic plan. Now, show me what you’ve accomplished.” In this era of increasing focus on performance and outcomes, simply having a plan is not enough. Nonprofit organizations, government agencies, trade and professional associations are being asked to clearly demonstrate how they are transforming their strategies into action and results. This Masterclass presented by leaders from ASP’s Nonprofit Center for Excellence, will outline specific tools and approaches attendees can put to work to help their organizations bridge the gap between strategic vision and execution. The program will discuss methods for aligning vision and effort across organizational leadership, front line staff, and the board of directors, and include explicit conversation about creating an environment that encourages continuous learning through ongoing implementation and assessment of the plan. Perhaps most important, the session will review successful practices for identifying resource needs during plan development and aligning those needs with budget and staff forecasting to drive long term plan implementation.



9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

 DENISE MCNERNEY - iBossWell, Inc.

Denise McNerney, President & CEO, iBossWell, Inc. Serving primarily nonprofit and public sector organizations, iBossWell has helped over 400 organizations do their good work better for 15 years. Their focus is strategic planning and helping staff and board leaders build the organizational culture and leadership skills needed to successfully execute their plans, and take the organization to outstanding performance. Denise has more than 30 years’ experience with efforts that have had positive impact on the bottom-line of hundreds of organizations and the lives of individuals within. She has published numerous articles, and a book – “The PeoplePACT: Achieving exemplary performance through humane leadership.” She also led the development of a new web-based tool for strategic planning and performance tracking – WePlanWell®. Denise is vice president of the the board of directors for the Association for Strategic Planning and the chair of the Association’s Center for Nonprofit Excellence.


 LYNNE BROWN - iBossWell, Inc., 1st Mondays Program, NPCE
Lynne Brown brings more than 25 years of experience to her role as Vice President of Strategic Consulting at iBossWell, Inc. Since joining the company seven year ago Lynne has assisted a diverse list of clients in the non-profit sector to develop and prepare to implement their strategic plans, and to enhance the capacity of their boards and staff to achieve high performance. Her clients have included government agencies and NPOs in health care, human services, education, and the arts. In addition, she directs the marketing and training efforts for WePlanWell™ an online strategic plan development tool and strategic management system created by iBossWell. Lynne is a leader in the Center for Nonprofit Excellence, a community of practice within the Association for Strategic Planning (ASP). She has been instrumental in planning and facilitating the Center’s monthly First Mondays discussions. She helped ASP launch World Strategy Week in 2014, a global forum that brings together international experts and leaders in leading, developing and implementing strategy.



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