Masterclass - Yvette Montero Salvatico and Frank Spencer
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Maximizing Scenario Methodologies

for 21st Century Strategy Execution

Developing and executing strategy in our current environment demands new approaches and mindsets. Linear planning methods that rely solely on the extrapolation of historical results are completely ineffective as technological advancements, economic uncertainty, and increased systematic risk become the new normal. To effectively drive understanding, performance, and execution of strategic initiatives, organizations must think and act in “simultaneous multiples” – pressure-testing strategies in diverse operating environments. Scenarios are a crucial component of the strategist’s toolkit. They provide an immune system for the organization by allowing us to test the viability and success of strategies in multiple, simultaneous futures. Without robust scenario planning, strategies are brittle since they are predicated on only one “official” future. Scenarios, on the other hand, help us create resilient, adaptive, and transformative strategies.

In this workshop, you’ll explore a variety of scenario planning methodologies, experience hands-on practice with three tools, and hear examples of case studies from organizations that have successfully employed these methodologies to support strategy execution.



1:30 PM - 4:30 PM


Yvette is an experienced and engaging speaker who is unique in her ability to transport audiences into the future. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Finance and an MBA from the University of Florida, Yvette has over 15 years of corporate experience with large, multinational firms such as Kimberly-Clark and The Walt Disney Company. At The Walt Disney Company, Yvette led the effort to establish Future Workforce Insights to identify future workforce trends and leverage foresight models and techniques to assess potential threats and impacts, emerging ideas, and exciting opportunities for the organization. In her current role as a partner at Kedge – a strategic design, foresight, and innovation firm – Yvette utilizes extensive research and customized toolkits to service a diverse global client base. She nurtures strong relationships with her clients and challenges them to foster new ways of thinking.

Frank is a published author and prolific speaker, having delivered presentations and workshops around the globe. He holds a MA in Strategic Foresight from Regent University. With a strong background in both business and academic foresight, Frank was the creator and lead instructor of The Futures Institute: Shaping The Future Now at the Duke University Talent Identification Program Institute (2010, 2011). He has worked on Strategic Foresight projects for companies such as Kraft, Mars, and Marriott. Frank also led the effort to establish Strategic Foresight as a leadership competency across The Walt Disney Company, training over 300 employees across the globe. In his current role, Frank is the Principal and Creative Director at Kedge, a global foresight, innovation, creativity, and strategic design firm.
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