75 Minute Session - Alan Leeds
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Bridging the Strategy Execution Gap: Revolutionizing the HOW!

In order to lead and execute strategy in a disruptive world, organizations must become more agile. Unfortunately, strategy execution has traditionally been the weak link in doing so, for many organizations both large and small.

We believe that bridging the strategic execution gap happens when the organization's strategic planning processes are better aligned, accountable and responsive. By using the Agile Strategy Execution Framework that integrates agile concepts with strategy execution best practices, senior leaders and strategy execution practitioners can revolutionize the "How" of strategy execution.

This session, using a case study with 4 years of execution and results, will show how lean and agile concepts were integrated with strategy execution best practices. In so doing, this energy transmission organization was better able to keep pace with and more proactively manage fast changing internal and external landscapes. A strategy execution maturity assessment model used at this organization will also be presented and given out, highlighting their successes and lessons learned during their journey.


 FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2018

2:15 PM - 3:30 PM

 ALAN LEEDS - Y-Change, Inc.

Alan is the president of Agile Strategy Manager, a strategy to execution software division of Y-Change, Inc., a software company enabling companies to convert strategy into reality. His expertise in agile strategy deployment, execution, and online software has helped companies deliver tangible results in organizations such as Amazon, Cisco Systems, Abbott Medical Optics & Great River Energy.

An ASP Certified Strategic Management Professional (SMP), Alan is also on the ASP Board of Directors and was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2012. He was instrumental in the founding of the NorCal Chapter of the ASP. As a thought leader in strategic planning, agile strategy execution, and in the strategy community, he has produced software tools for planners across the country. Alan holds a Master’s Degree from SUNY and a BS from Syracuse University. Alan’s speaking engagements include presentations for the PMI conference at Sonoma State in September 2016, ASP national conferences and for the national Agile2106 conference in Atlanta. As an award-winning magician, he often incorporates magic into his presentations.

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