75 Minute Session - Bruce Mabee
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Leaping the Execution Gap Simply? A Flipped Approach to  Engage Stakeholders into 21st Century Strategic Action

It's no longer news that most plans don't get implemented well. Is there a larger view, beyond "Strategic Planning," that you can use to help pull our companies out of this old rut?

Strategic Action uses design and agile change methods to integrate planning and execution—actually, to make it simpler. "Lead, Think, Plan & Act" no longer mean, "Plan the Work then Work the Plan." Through 30 years of implementing this rapid, active strategic discipline, we have now developed a three-tool "Synergy Kit." It aligns strategy and business leaders in shorter bursts of execution, learning and adaptation.

This Breakout session challenges each of us to "think and do together" on an actual case of global strategy change. We will experience each other in action and see a range of approaches in situations like this. And then, with the Strategic Action tools and each others' strategic insights, we'll each plan a leap in one of our own current challenges.

 FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2018

10:45 AM - 12:00 PM

BRUCE MABEE - Milestone Partners, LLC

In 40 years of practice in Strategic Planning and the leadership of Organizational Change, Bruce Mabee has continued to develop Strategic Action (SA) for increasingly creative, rapid and complex change. He has applied this Design-based, cross-function discipline in Walgreens, ConocoPhillips and Motorola and many of his 130 business, governmental, non-profit, and highly-creative clients.

What he learns in his consulting practice, Mabee teaches, including ten graduate schools such as Benedictine University, Lake Forest and the University of Chicago. His workshops have covered dozens of strategic topics, ranging from Strategic Consulting to Creative Leadership to Organizational Power.

The tools he has developed though active practice include the three Strategic Action tools—Power Mapping, the 30-Minute Strategic Plan, and Agile Prototyping. He has developed over a dozen additional strategic tools, including the Four Postures of Influence, the Checklist for Change, and the Consulting Project Map.

He holds an MS in Management & Organizational Behavior from George Williams College, and a BFA in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He holds the CPLP certification.

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