Masterclass - Kimi Ziemski
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Creating & Leading Teams that Thrive Through Disruption

Create and lead teams that can deliver productively through and despite disruption. Create and maintain an environment that allows teams to rise above disruption’s potential to negatively impact your projects, your objectives, and your organization. Your teams will always be subject to disruption. There will be evolving technology, new regulatory pressures, and unexpected impacts from economic developments.

This presentation is based on the concepts developed in Ms. Ziemski’s most recent book, Culture’s Competitive Edge – The Keys to Sustained Organizational Growth. In this presentation, she offers a practical model that demonstrates why 'silver bullets' are a myth and building a sound foundation for profitable project teams is a lasting strategy.

You will hear:
• The top 3 reasons that most projects fail
• Key elements of an environment that successfully change your teams’ ability to work together
• Specific actions that you, your management staff and the technologists that execute can take
• The measurements that demonstrate progress of the organization as teams become more productive



1:30 PM - 4:30 PM


 Kimi Ziemski - KSP Partnership, Inc. 

 Ms. Ziemski has worked in professional performance improvement for over 15 years – specializing in enterprise and governmental organizations. Having worked with thousands of people and many organizations to improve their productivity and accelerate their organizational evolution, Ms. Ziemski has supported the growth of leadership capacity in the technical professionals in each organization. Specializing in project management and project leadership skills, Ms. Ziemski’s experience includes both public and private organizations and spans several continents.

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