Top 5 Reasons to Become a Certified Professional
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Top 5 Reasons to Become a Certified Professional!


1. Enhance your resume and career

Being SPP or SMP certified sets you apart when applying for a new position or promotion. The in-depth knowledge attained during the certification process allows employers to feel confident in your abilities in both the public and private sector. Becoming certified prepares you for new challenges before they happen!

2. Bring more value to your organization

Without question, becoming certified offers your organization an edge with foresight and insight as the platform for your strategic planning process. The certification exam asks you to consider 160 items within four major domains; Lead, Think, Plan and Act. With your new knowledge, you'll know the best strategic tool to use to facilitate different infrastructure changes and/or teams. 

3. Gain more knowledge and contacts during the process

You will gain an exceptional body of knowledge during the certification study process. The process requires you to reflect on your business practices, as well as your personal ability to work through challenges, roadblocks and successes with a strategic mindset while displaying remarkable leadership skills. You will also encounter a number of thought leaders while completing your certification and receive their feedback. Study groups are encouraged while preparing for the exam where you will meet like-minded peers.

4. Become a member of an elite strategic planning network

On average, a dozen participants make it through the process each cycle to receive their certification and designation. You will be encouraged to network within study groups as you prepare for the examination.

5. Become recognized within the industry as a leader

By being certified, your business acumen will be validated by a third party. When you promote your new certified status either internally or externally to your professional community, you position yourself for new opportunities that might not otherwise be available to you.  


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