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Congratulations to our 2017 ASP Award Winners!

Thursday, June 8, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Rachel King
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Congratulations to our 2017 Award Winners!



Janice Laureen Outstanding Service Award


Tom Carter

Tom has provided consistently outstanding support to ASP for more than 10 years. In addition to being part of the original planners of the Certification program and exam, Tom has played a yeoman’s job of keeping watch over ASP’s financial assets. He has helped ASP navigate through fiscal turbulence on a number of occasions and his counsel has helped ASP achieve the best bottom line in our 18 year history. Tom is thoughtful, strategic, and always seeks collaborative decisions with respect to ASP.


Laurie Bacopoulos

Atlanta Chapter


Laurie has led the Communities Committee, comprised of over a dozen communities. Laurie has worked hard to get the network of leaders to collaborate regularly as well as drive specific initiatives forward such as a Chapter Library, centralized banking and defined Chapter strategies. Laurie has been successful in listening to the growing needs of Chapters and delivering them reusable resources they can use to grow and thrive.


 Distinguished Service Award


Marie Muscella
National Capital Area Chapter

Marie has served on the ASP Board of Directors for six years and has served on the Certification Operations Committee for several years. During the past two years her position as Committee Chair meant working with the team that revised the BOK and coordinating the new content into our certification program.  It also meant leading through the transition of our certification program management. Marie continues to actively serve on the Certification Operations Committee.


Over the last 3 years, Marie has encouraged personnel from her organization to apply for certification with ASP at either the SPP or SMP level, depending on the candidate’s level of experience, and continues to be an advocate of the program. In fact, her organization, has more certified professional than any other entity across the globe with more than 30 certified SPPs and SMPs.

Member of the Year

Chris Hafner

Member at Large

Since joining the Board, Chris has added immense value to ASP. He has been instrumental in making the 2017 Conference a success, leading both the director for the conference and attracting speakers.

Chris has been instrumental in bringing the SPS under the ASP fold from concept to due diligence to Board decisions, from both organizations, making ASP more of a global force in strategy.


Thank you for your contributions to ASP!



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