2017 Conference Presentations
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  • John LaBrie - Northeastern University - Toronto
    Navigating Change using Strategic Direction: One University's Journey through Disruptive Change


  • Mike Abrey - Bugg, Robert Wyatt - Strategic Planning Society
    Strategic Implications for Corporate Reputation Management


  • Jennifer Baker - Amtrak
    What Good is Strategy if You Can't Implement It?


  • Diane Meister, Neelima Firth - Meridian Associates
    Outfox Organizational Risk with Scenario-Based Strategic Planning


  • James D. Stockmal - ASP President
    Trends, Drivers & Innovation: What Every Organization Should be Thinking About


  • Jesse Russell, Big Picture Research & Consulting
    Don Quixote or Sancho Panza: Who Is Doing Your Planning?


  • Christina Burns Bruce - City of Vaughan
    The Stewardship of Service Excellence at the City of Vaughan: Measuring our Success


  • Matt Sitter - CrossLead, Inc.
    Strategy in the Digital Age: Leveraging Organizational Networks to Connect Strategy with Execution


  • David Kalinowski - Proactive Worldwide, Inc.
    Leveraging Strategic War Games for Competitive Advantage


  • Brian Cassell, Linda Fineman, Dan Montgomery - Ethos Veterinary Health
    Agile Alignment into Action: A Strategic Planning Case Study using a Transformative Platform


  • Blair Dimock & Ben McNamee - Ontario Trillium Foundation
    From Strategy to Impact: One Funder's Journey to Granting for Outcomes


  • Philip Rowley - Berkeley Research Group
    Creating an Agile Culture


  • Jitu Marwaha - SanDisk/Western Digital
    Creating New Markets Through Disruptive Innovation


  • Tom Witty - Americo Financial Life Insurance Co.
    Bridging the Gap between Business Strategy and Project Execution


  • Brett Knowles - Performance Measurement & Management (Pm2)
    The Personal Strategic Scorecard


  • Rossana Creo - United Nations Federal Credit Union
    Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast: Using Strategic Communications to Manage Change and Create Organizational Alignment


  • Jaime Schonfeldt, Denise McNerney - iBossWell, Inc.
    Assessing the Effectiveness & Sustainability of Your Program Portfolio


  • Dr. Sean Stein Smith - Rutgers University
    Quantifying the Qualitative - Better Data & Strategic Decision Making


  • Gwen Manderson, Daniel Olding - Town of Richmond Hill
    People Plan Richmond Hill - Putting all the Elements of Strategic Planning and Strategic Implementation Together


  • Brian Emmett - Imagine Canada
    Charities and Non Profits in an Era of Economic and Demographic Change


  • Dr. Tanai Charinsarn - Innovance Partners Co. Ltd
    Using Emerging Business Opportunities (EBO) model in Corporate Portfolio Strategic Planning



2017 ASP Conference Presentations

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2017 ASP Conference Presentations - Toronto, Canada
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