History of the Association for Strategic Planning
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The Association for Strategic Planning (ASP) traces its history back to the early 1950s. ASP's initial predecessor organization began on January 12, 1951, when the National Society for Business Budgeting first met in Milwaukee, WI, USA. In 1963 that organization changed its name to the Budget Executives Institute, and moved its base to Oxford, OH, USA. The group again changed its name to the Planning Executives Institute (PEI) in 1968.

In 1985, PEI merged with a similar organization, the National American Society for Corporate Executives, under the name of The Planning Forum (TPF), an organization that grew in international stature, reaching 60 North American chapters and 8,000 individual members worldwide. In 1995 the organization once again changed its name, this time to the Strategic Leadership Forum (SLF), seeking to expand its target audience to include corporate executives and CEOs.

Beginning in 1999, The Association for Strategic Planning evolved from the SLF. Beginning in 2001, ASP has held national conferences.

Subsequently, ASP has recognized more chapters and rebuilt its scope to again have a growing worldwide footprint dedicated to advancing strategic leadership, thinking, planning and action.  The introduction of ASP's certification program in 2010 represented a major step in the advancement of ASP's mission.

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